Who We Are

Mission and Vision Statement

The Lansing Community College Foundation provides support to inspire and enable the pursuit of education for the betterment of all. Our donors change lives and enrich our community.

The LCC Foundation is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization governed by a 27-member Board of community leaders. Each year the LCC Foundation helps hundreds of individuals realize the gift of education. The LCC Foundation supports Lansing Community College and its students financially through:

The LCC Foundation’s vision is to rank among the nation’s top Community College Foundations, providing resources to:

  • Provide financial support to all LCC students seeking financial scholarship support, allowing them access to an education. Scholarship support results in the success and retention of LCC students who then graduate and become employed citizens of Michigan.
  • Assure that each philanthropic dollar makes a dramatic impact upon student success.
  • Assure that Donors experience the best possible giving experience possible among non-profit opportunities.

Federal and State Tax Benefits of Giving

The LCC Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Therefore your gifts may be tax deductible.

  • Contributions of $250 or more must be substantiated by a written acknowledgement from the Foundation which is mailed to donors for each donation.
  • Beginning January 1, 2012, the State of Michigan will not allow taxpayers to take a non-refundable tax credit for donations to Michigan public institutions on their individual tax return.

Financial Management

Lansing Community College Foundation scholarship and program funds benefit students, programs and all campuses of LCC. All LCC Foundation funds are kept and managed separately from the College.

The LCC Foundation is audited annually by Rehmann Group. Below are our most recent audited financial statements.

What We Do

Our Donors Change Lives and Enrich our Community. The LCC Foundation matches donors’ gift intent with the needs of our students and our College.

LCC Foundation Scholarships

Through the generosity of individuals, businesses, and organizations, the LCC Foundation awards hundreds of scholarships each year. LCC Foundation scholarships are targeted to students with financial need and can be based on academic excellence, program enrollment, ethnic, gender or family background, or even community service.

LCC Foundation scholarships pay tuition and fees, and in some cases help students purchase textbooks or tools required for their courses. When you establish an LCC Foundation scholarship, you can be confident you are investing in the community’s future, as 70 percent of LCC students stay right here in the region to live, work and contribute to the local economy.

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